Open Zoning Positions

We presently have two open positions on the Zoning Board of Appeals and four open positions on the Zoning Commission.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve in one of these positions please send your resume to the Fiscal Officer.  Should you have any questions please contact one of your Trustees.

Driveway Culvert

Installation Fee Schedule For Township Roads

12” Pipe – $375.00 each additional foot $15.00

15” Pipe – $450.00 each additional foot $20.00

18” Pipe – $600.00 each additional foot $25.00

21” Pipe – $750.00 each additional foot $30.00

24” Pipe – $900.00 each additional foot $35.00

  • Larger sizes will be priced by the request.
  • All installations are based on a 20 foot long pipe.
  • All prices include pipe, installation, backfill & etc.
  • Contact Road Supervisor for installation.

To insure proper installation please contact the Road Supervisor before installing any ditch culvert pipe on township roads.