Work Session meeting, Jan 5 2016


January 5, 2016

Work session meeting called to order by Chairperson Michael at 5:45 p.m. with Trustees Deffenbaugh and Dunn present.

Trustees interviewed Rick Bennet for the Part-time TWP Laborer position.

Trustees reviewed road department policies and procedures and briefly discussed wages and compensation.

RESOLUTION #WS16-01: Motion by Deffenbaugh to adjourn at 6:20 p.m., seconded by Michael.

Roll Call:  Deffenbaugh-yes, Michael-yes, Dunn-yes.

________ Henry Michael, Chairperson _______Kathleen S. Cofojohn, Fiscal Officer

_________ James Deffenbaugh, Vice-Chairman ______ Robert Dunn, Trustee

Siren Testing Update

We will be testing the severe weather siren the 1st Wednesday of the month for the months of March through December. The test cycle will be audible for 20 seconds and continue to rotate for one minute.  For severe weather the siren will be audible and rotate for 3 minutes.

Change coming to recycling drop-off containers May 4th

The new Portage County Solid Waste Management District Plan will bring changes to the way we recycle in Palmyra The first change will be the conversion to single stream recycling, set to take place on May 4, 2015.

All of the drop off containers will be divided into two categories, “cardboard only” and “single stream” recycling. The single stream recycling containers will allow your residents to place 1-7 plastics, aluminum and tins cans, glass bottles, newspaper, catalogs, magazines, junk mail, cereal boxes, aseptic cartons (juice boxes) and office paper into one container. The 6 yard container currently used for 3-7 plastics will be removed due to the ability to place these materials in with the other recyclables. We have enclosed a copy of the new decals that will be placed on all of the containers. The decals will measure 19″x 19″ for easy reading by your residents. The collection service will continue on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.

The District will advertise the single stream conversion in the Record Courier, the District website and the County website. We are asking for your help in notifying your residents.

Along with the conversion, the Plan calls for a study on the drop off program focused on cost, revenue and possible efficiencies. While the study will not be completed until 2016, data gathering will begin in the near future. We will be installing scales on our trucks to track the exact pounds of material placed into the containers at your drop off. We are asking for your assistance to encourage your residents to use the drop off. The increase in participation and tonnage collected will play a crucial part in keeping the costs of the program as low as possible.

Additionally, tire collections will continue to be offered by the District; however the Plan limits these events to one per governmental unit per year.

3588 Mogadore Road, Kent. Ohio 44240-7434 Phone: (330) 678-8808 Fax: (330) 678-9405

Clarification of EMS Soft Billing

On January 6, 2004 the Trustees adopted Resolution No. 04-05 to establish a “soft billing” policy for Palmyra Township residents and Southeast students.  Soft billing is charging your insurance company and accepting the amount they pay for the service as payment in full.

LifeForce Management our billing agency will request insurance information as a result of an emergency run made by the Palmyra Township Emergency Medical Service due to an injury or illness where you or a family member were a patient.  This letter is not an attempt to collect payment from you for that service; it is our intention to file a claim with your insurance company, including automobile coverage, for payment.  Any balance due, after insurance Explanation of Benefits and/or payment, will be written off.

Please complete the form requesting insurance information even if you do not have insurance and forward it to LifeForce Management, Inc., 800 Enterprise Parkway, Ravenna, OH 44266 as soon as possible.  They are the authorized billing agent for Palmyra Township.  If you have any billing questions, please contact them at 330-626-5450.  Failure to respond will result in the EMS bill being forwarded to our collection agency.

Any questions contact one of your Township Trustees.

Open Zoning Positions

We presently have two open positions on the Zoning Board of Appeals and four open positions on the Zoning Commission.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve in one of these positions please send your resume to the Fiscal Officer.  Should you have any questions please contact one of your Trustees.

Driveway Culvert

Installation Fee Schedule For Township Roads

12” Pipe – $375.00 each additional foot $15.00

15” Pipe – $450.00 each additional foot $20.00

18” Pipe – $600.00 each additional foot $25.00

21” Pipe – $750.00 each additional foot $30.00

24” Pipe – $900.00 each additional foot $35.00

  • Larger sizes will be priced by the request.
  • All installations are based on a 20 foot long pipe.
  • All prices include pipe, installation, backfill & etc.
  • Contact Road Supervisor for installation.

To insure proper installation please contact the Road Supervisor before installing any ditch culvert pipe on township roads.