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Monday, 24 April 2006 17:56

It's 2 AM and you're awakened to the sound of someone moaning.  When you get out of bed, you notice your spouse is no longer there.  You enter the kitchen and find your spouse lying on the floor.  You ask them "are you ok?"  Their answer is “no, I think I broke my leg”.  Naturally, you want to know how did they do that?  Their response is “I tripped over our sleeping guard dog”.  You call 911 and a squad is dispatched to your home.  Everything sounds good so far, right?  Here comes the problem.  You have no house numbers on your home, and the ones on the mailbox are falling off.  You know which house is yours, you have lived there for thirty years, but how do we?   Help us find you!

You may think that little story is humerous but think about it.  Some mailboxes have no numbers at all, some have them painted on by hand that's good during the day but it can't be seen at night.  Help us find you!

As a fund raiser and community service, the Palmyra Firefighters Association sells reflective address signs.  The green or blue address panels you have seen on homes and mailbox posts.  Cost is only $12.00, a small price to pay to Help us find you!

Next time you drive home at night, check and see if your address is visible.  Is it hidden under the pine tree next to the old rock?  If you can't read the address, chances are we can't either.  Help us find you!

When seconds count, the Palmyra Township Fire Department wants to find you.

Address Sign Order forms can be downloaded here in PDF format and either dropped off or mailed to the Palmyra Township Fire Department.

Help us find you!

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