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Written by Fire Chief Tim Paulus   
Monday, 24 January 2005 00:00
Residents of Palmyra Township,

Fire Department Year-End Report:

The year 2004 was a difficult year for the Palmyra Township Fire Department.  With Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, and Captain resigning.  Lieutenant Mark Garvin was promoted to Acting Fire Chief.  The Board of Trustees advertised for the position of Fire Chief and recieved six applications after interviews with all six applicants I was chosen and became Fire Chief June 1, 2004.  I have a very extensive 22-year back ground in public safety in both Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement.

In January the Fire Department took delivery of a new EMS unit.  The new modular state of the art unit replaced an EMS unit that was 14 years old.  With this new unit we are able to provide EMS service and transport the patient and staff in the safest possible manor.

I'm excited about the progress the Fire Department has made since June.  We have added six new members.  We currently have four Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P), four Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B), two Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate (EMT-I), and one First Responder, two persons currently in EMT-B training.  We currently have twenty members of the Fire Department.

Currently we staff the fire station from 6AM till 6PM Monday through Friday, with one person with a minimum training of EMT-B.  The cost to the Township to do this last year was just slightly under $25,000.00.  When you consider that the station is staffed sixty hours a week that seems very reasonable.

State law requires that at least two EMT-B or higher are required to transport a patient to the hospital therefore we have auto-aid agreements with Deerfield and Edinburg Townships.  Pending on the location of the alarm, one of these departments are dispatched at the same time we are in order to provide the required personnel.  We also respond to Deerfield and Edinburg Townships when they have an alarm to provide the same.  One problem I seen with this was in the past our EMS unit may have been parked in Deerfield or Edinburg Townships out of service while our staff assisted in the transport.  To eliminate this problem the Trustees purchased a 2000 Ford Crown Vic that is used to respond to these auto-aid alarms when personnel only are requested.  This response vehicle is also equipped with a heart monitor/deliberator, oxygen and basic first aid supplies.

Currently we are actively looking to replace a 1959 Jeep Willy CJ-6 grass fire truck.  Not often do you see a piece of fire equipment remain in service for over 45 years.  This just goes to show the care given to our equipment by your firefighters and the credit should go to the Trustees over the years for requiring this to happen.

In 2004 we received a number of grants totaling over $16,000.00 from the State of Ohio for things like: airway equipment, EMS equipment, EMS training, and fire equipment.  We received $5,000.00 worth of wild land firefighting personal protective equipment from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  I believe in actively pursuing grant monies both on State and Federal level.

We began doing annual maintenance in house.  Lube, oil, and filters were changed in house, one of our firefighters volunteered his time and expertise in diesel mechanics and heavy truck maintenance to save the Fire Department nearly $1,000.00 in maintenance expenses last year.

In 2004 the Fire Department responded to 344 alarms they break down into three categories as follows:

EMS    241 
Fire     69
Service     34
Total    344 

These alarms can be further broken down as follows:

Motor Vehicle Crashes    51 
Chest Pain    23 
Shortness of Breath     17 
Other    150 

A paramedic was on 215 of the 241 EMS alarms for 89.2%, which is outstanding for a volunteer department that only had two paramedics for most of 2004.

We provided Mutual aid 62 times and requested Mutual aid only 17 times.
We provided Auto aid 71 times and received it 26 times.

We provided Mutual aid 20 times and received mutual aid 17 times.

Structure property loss of $221,700.00 and mobile property loss of $30,550.00.

Service alarms are miscellaneous non fire or EMS requests such as: wires down no fire, basement pumps, carbon monoxide alarms without symptoms, smoke alarm activation without smoke, trees down in roadways.

Mutual aid was requested once for this type of alarm.


 The Fire Department worked closely with the State Fire Marshals Office Code Enforcement Officer on the Southeast Local School District construction project.  To make sure that you children were given the safest possible facilities.

During Fire Prevention week we provided the preschool and kindergarten classes with an educational coloring book, a speaker to talk about fire safety, and the students got to see and walk through a fire truck and EMS unit.

Prior to prom a mock accident was staged to show the high school students the dangers of drinking and driving also assisting were the Charlestown, Deerfield, and Edinburg Fire Departments.  The Portage County Sheriff's Office, the Ohio State Patrol, and Life Flight.

Licensed Day Care centers are required to have an annual fire inspection numerous were inspected.  As were a number of foster homes.

The Fire Department offers no cost home inspections, we can recommend fire extinguishers and smoke alarm locations.  We will also make recommendations on things you can do to prevent a fire.  As your home is private property you will not be cited for fire code violations.

Palmyra Township Trustees agreed to Charter an Explorer Post through Learning for Life a division of the Boy Scouts of America.  This program promotes responsibility and community service to high school students that may be interested in a career in the fire service or that would just like to see what the fire service is about.

If you have any questions or comments about the Palmyra Township Volunteer Fire Department please feel free to contact me at the Fire Station @ 330-654-4098.

We are always looking for new members if you are interested in finding out how to help your community, meet new friends, and best of all make yourself feel good inside contact the Fire Department.

On behalf of the members of the Palmyra Volunteer Fire Department and myself thank you for your continuing support.


Timothy J. Paulus
Fire Chief

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